Payment Information Update

Sometimes new systems can be tricky. Lots of options, small text, and seemingly hidden options. Besides it doesn't help that we put cute bunnies all over everything. 

Step 1: Log In

First we need you to login to your account. In the upper right hand corner of our home page you can will find a login button labelled: "ACCOUNT"


Now we should see a login page. You will need to put in the email address that you used when signing up for your account. This likely happened when you checked out the first time from our store. Next, put in your password. (Don't worry if you forgot it, you can click the forgot password link and follow the instruction there). Finally click on "SIGN IN"

NOTE: If you checked out and did not select to get an account you will not have a login. You will need to request an invite by clicking here. We will send you out an account set up email. Surprisingly we used to have a system which would allow you to even sign up for a subscription without a login. This has been confusing to a lot of people, including us. We have since fixed it. 

Step 2: Manage Subscription

Now we need to manage the subscription. Before we leave this page let me explain a little of what you are seeing. Directly under the black menu bar you will see a  menu with three options: 

Orders, where you can see the history of what we have sent you. This is the page you are currently on.  

Addresses, where you can see the addresses we will be shipping your purchases to

Manage Subscriptions, where you can edit your subscriptions, payment information, and billing addresses. This is the selection we are going to make.

Down below this you will see:

Account: This will have a list showing all of the orders you have placed on your account. If you click on the order number you can see details for that order. 

Step 3: Billing Information

In this step we will see a quick overview of the Manage Subscription Page, and we will click on "Billing Information". Before we leave this page let me give you a quick tour of what is on this page. Directly under the black menu bar you will see a  menu with four options: 

Delivery Scheduled,  Delivery schedule dates are when your order will be placed. Future deliveries will be added to your schedule as the date approaches.

Subscriptions, This is where you can view the details for your subscriptions. In this example we are viewing a page that has only one (cancelled) subscriptions, however you can multiple subscriptions with different delivery schedules and terms to help tune in your experience with us. This is the page that you are currently viewing.

Billing Information, This is were you can manage the details associated with your billing including your credit card information, and billing address. This is the link we will be clicking on. 

Purchase History, This is a list of your recent purchases, it will be very similar to the "Account" page we saw on the previous page.

Step 4: Update Credit Card

Now that we are in the Billing Information we will just need to click on Update Card Link. On this page you will see:

Card on File, this is the current credit card that is being charged for this subscription.

Billing Information, this is the billing address that should match the address on the credit card, you should also see the email address where billing related information will be sent. 

Step 5: Input Card Information

You've almost made it. Now for the fun part. Simply input the data off your credit card. You will notice this page looks a little different, this is because you are now in a secure location that only you and our credit card processor has access to. 


Your card should now be up to date!