Rabbit Hole Hay offers a subscription option on almost all of our items. Here is how to set up a subscription. 

Step 1: Select the Product.

In this first step you will select the item that you want to subscribe to. We will use 5lbs. of First Cut Timothy for the example. 

Starting from the Home Page. Click on the "SHOP OUR STORE" Pull down menu.

In this example we will select "Hay"

We now need to select which cut of hay we want to subscribe to. For this example we will click on "First Cut Timothy Hay"

Now that we are in the product we will need to choose the subscription options.

Step 2: Choose subscription options

There is only a few options to setting up your new subscription. Frequency is the number of weeks you would like between your orders. By checking out now you will be shipped your order now, (on the next business day), and then it will ship you another order in the number of weeks that you choose. For this example I will choose 4 weeks. 

You will also need to select the size you want. For this example I will choose 5lbs. 

You can also add multiple quantities if you would like. I'll leave it at one for this example. 

Here is what it should now look like:

Once you have what you'd like click: "Add to Cart"

Step 3: Check Out

It is very important that you sign up for an account when signing up for a subscription. I only say this because our system used to allow a subscription check out with a guest account, which causes a lot of confusion down the line. 

At this point check out is as normal. Fill out the remaining information to complete the transaction. 


Please let us know if this was helpful, or if you ran into any issue using this guide.